Winnie’s interpreter services




Winnie’s interpreter services are there for customers who want a personal touch for their family’s holiday or business trips to Adelaide .

Specializing in mandarin or Cantonese translated back to English , Winnie is very professional depending on what the Holiday needs or business requirements are around Adelaide.

Very reliable once you book her and also well presented for any occasion you may need her for your interperting needs.

Australians do tend to speak a lot of slang in there every day conversations so Winnie could be great added value for those small groups off holidaying tourists from china or if you just need someone to help you deal with clients on a business trip she wont let you down with her affordable interpreting services .

She is willing to be where you need her with advance notice of course the price is 200 rmb per hour but a day special of 800 rmb dollars for 8 hours the whole day as a day rate .

I think you would agree that is a small price to pay to complete your business or family Holiday needs


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